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version: 0.1
date: 25.02.2005
size: 20 kB
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easycnm - documentation


The easiest way of using the library is to look at the example code. Note that not all cases are bulletproof yet - especially the cases of dividing by zero, non-square matrices and the like are going to cause you some headache.

example code

It is part of the tarball, but you can view a html-ified version right here.


The following algorithms have already been implemented:

  • Linear: Gauß
  • Linear: LU dissection
  • Linear: Cholesky dissection
  • Linear iterative: Jacobi iteration (wholestep)
  • Linear iterative: Gauß-Seidel iteration (singlestep)
  • Least squares: Gaußian normalized equations
  • Least squares: Householder algorithm